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Are you shopping for the best furniture assembly experts in Orange County? The best brand to visit is Los Angeles Furniture Installation. Even though you can do some of this work on your own, it is always good to leave it in the hands of the best furniture assembly experts.

When professionals work on your assembly project, it will create a sense of satisfaction and pride. The process of assembling furniture can be frustrating especially if you are not a professional. You may end up cursing the inventor yet you don’t have the right skills and expertise for the work.

There is only one secret to assemble furniture without suffering. All you need to do is pay a professional to do it for you. Never attempt this kind of work unless you have the ability to give it the professional touch that it deserves.

You may think that you are doing justice to yourself by assuming the work of furniture assembly experts near me. However, you will discover that you are wasting your valuable time and money in the end. It makes a lot of sense to leave this work in the hands of the right professionals. Here are some of the tips that will guide you through this process.

Think Before Buying

The first step is to consider the assembly process of the furniture that you are about to buy. The rule here is to read the testimonials and online reviews of the furniture product before you buy it. With this, you will get a better idea of the installation process.

What this means is that there will be no surprises once the boxes arrive. Looking for pieces that are partially assembled will make the work easier. There are times when you will only be attaching two to three parts. Therefore, you will spend less on the furniture assembly Orange County experts.

There are some parts that will only attach with one screw. Therefore, it will take you a few minutes to assemble each furniture piece. The good thing about Los Angeles Furniture Installation is that we will serve you regardless of the complexity of the project.

Be Realistic

It is good to leave the assembly of some items to professionals. There is no way you will install an upholstered bed frame unless you have the right skills and tools. You need to stretch over the upholstery and then attach it to wooden frames.

These frames have inbuilt connection points that are obscured, blocked, or misaligned by the upholstery. The other pieces that can be quite purchasing are the dressers. It is difficult to assemble this furniture and the process is a tedious one.

A full six-drawer dresser can have up to 300 components and pieces. There is no way you will fit them accordingly unless you are an expert. In most cases, you will need to assemble each drawer separately and then align it to a larger piece.

Assemble in the Correct Location

It can be tempting to assemble your office desk in the living room. However, it is always good to think twice before you make such a move.

Expert furniture assembly Los Angeles recommends that you assemble the furniture piece in the room where you will be using it. This tip is more applicable to the heavy furniture pieces. In addition to being painful to move, you can scratch the floors and walls as you try to move the furniture.

Carefully Open the Box

This is one of our areas of specialization as a furniture installation company in Orange County. We try all that we can to avoid damaging your floors or furniture even before we start.

You need to open the box cautiously because box cutters and scissors are damaging. The box can help you to protect the floor as you continue to build.

Read All the Instructions

Even though we are well trained and skilled, we still read all the furniture assembly instructions before anything else. It is always wise to read the instructions and read them again.

It helps the professional furniture assembly experts to understand the whole process before embarking on it. This tells you why you need to re-check the installation instructions from time to time.

Prepare for Success

Once you unpack everything carefully, you need to identify all the components. Group together the similar items and then lay them out in order. Drill professional furniture assembly experts often store small hardware pieces such as bolts and nuts in plastic cups so that they don’t get mixed up or roll away.

You also need to consider the right orientation of all the involved components; back, front, right, left, down, and up. In most cases, the finished edges face front or up. The mirror images are usually on the right and left sides while the finished surfaces face up or out.

Some components look alike but they are really not. You need to look for variations in quantity and hole-spacing. Experts look for any arrows and check the installation instructions. Both of them indicate the correct position that a component should be in to be sure of proper assembly.

You have to make sure that you are assembling all the parts in the right order. When you do otherwise, there is a high possibility that it will result into mistakes.

Safety Comes Top on the Priority List

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that close to 25% of site accidents are from furnishings like tables and dressers. You have to anchor heavy items to the wall using braces, brackets or straps especially if you have small kids.

The best furniture assembly service Los Angeles will put all these measures in place before embarking on your project. It can be dangerous to assemble some items like wall cabinets and wardrobes. Structural integrity will not be achieved until you work on the last few installation steps. It can be perilous to put the last pieces in place and make the unit to stand.

Our furniture assembly Los Angeles experts know what to do when it comes to enhancing the safety of the workforce. Some of the furniture pieces need two or more assembly experts. You can always find these requirements in the instructions.

When looking for the best furniture assembly Orange county services, feel free to call Los Angeles Furniture assembly on (323) 930-9040. You can also send us an email on The company has well-trained and highly experienced installers to work on your project. Besides, we have the desired tools to work on any kind of project that you can think of.

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